Slimline Thermos Bottle

Buy Slimline thermos bottle for school or office at BETTER Home Appliances.
The Better Slimline steel bottle has a complex, slim design with a steel exterior which provides the ultimate game changer for drinking bottles. This slimline steel flask is best used for schools or office, trekking or travelling or simply just to keep hot drinking water at home.

The BETTER slimline thermos flask comes with a silver protective bag to provide extra insulation for your drinks whether they are hot or cold. It has a SS 301 Vacuum Flask with copper material interior. This helps to keep beverages inside the Slimline steel flask at the desired temperature for up to 24 hours.

The slimline thermos bottle has handle-free design and a slim body which allows it to fit in most refrigerator doors.
BETTER Home Appliances offers slimline bottle and other beverage holders at great prices.