Air pot

Buy electric thermo pots for hot water at BETTER Home Appliances.

Electric air pots are a great appliance to have nearby during winter as it provide a continuous hot water supply for drinking.

The electric thermo pot can store water up to 5 liters and has 3 ways to dispense water. You can pump hot water from an air pot kettle by air pump, cup touch, and auto dispense.

It has features of double heating protection which makes it durable. And no more worrying about an empty air pot heating up when it is empty as it has an empty water sensor.

Now, get access to hot water anytime simply by plugging in the electric air pot and filling it with water.

BETTER’s air pot for hot water is the best way to keep a constant flow of hot water whether it’s for the home or the office.
Get a BETTER air pot today and be ready for winter!
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