Stand Fan

Browse The Best Stand Fans In Nepal

Stay cool affordably with our range of sturdy and portable stand fans perfectly suited for Nepali homes & offices. Equipped with useful features and promising power savings through energy efficiency, our pedestal fans provide optimal breezy comfort.

Stand Fans At Unbeatable Prices

Catering to Nepal’s budget-conscious households and businesses, our stand fans are available at highly affordable rates starting just Rs.3895 to suit both compact requirements and large cooling needs. Compare prices across available sizes, features and warranty coverage periods to find models matching your budget.

Powerful Performance

Built using robust 60W copper motors and optimized blade design, our stand fans deliver air flows exceeding 2200 rpm  for effectively cooling medium to large spaces. Run them overnight in your bedrooms or all day in your office cabins to enjoy round-the-clock cooling.

Smart Features

Customize cooling with remote-controlled oscillation to ensure uniform air circulation across the room. Adjust multiple height settings and tilt mechanisms to direct the soothing air flow wherever you need as per the room layout and seating.

Reliable Stand Fans for Nepal’s Climate

Components designed to tolerate fluctuating voltages and temperatures reaching 45°C+ allow our stand fans to provide reliable cooling service through the tropical climate, heat waves and unexpected power outages common across Nepal.