BETTER Weightly Auto Gas Stove

 12,595.00 19,595.00

weighty gas stove
BETTER Weightly Auto Gas Stove  12,595.00 19,595.00

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Model: Weightly 2/3/4 Auto
Panel: 2mm Stainless Steel
Burner: 100% Brass
Pan Support: 4 Ears Iron Enamel
Body Material: 100% Stainless Steel
Knob: ABS
Ignition: Automatic
Mixing Tube: 100% Aluminum

Effortlessly prepare your favorite meals with the Weightly Auto Gas Stove. This two-burner stove is crafted from robust 2mm stainless steel, ensuring exceptional stability and durability over time.

Equipped with brass burners and 4-ear iron enamel pan supports, this stove guarantees efficient cooking performance. The sleek, modern appearance is achieved through a 100% stainless steel body and ABS knobs, complementing any kitchen decor.

Seamless and safe lighting is achieved with the automatic ignition feature. The inclusion of aluminum mixing tubes ensures the even distribution of gas, optimizing flame power for consistent cooking results. The Weightly Auto Gas Stove, with its 2mm stainless steel construction, brass burners, and automatic ignition, seamlessly combines functionality with a contemporary aesthetic.

Rely on this high-quality appliance for your daily cooking requirements. Built with durable materials that promise longevity, it delivers impressive heat output to cook your dishes quickly and evenly. Elevate your home kitchen with the professional power of the Weightly Auto Gas Stove.

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2 Burner, 3 Burner, 4 Burner


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