Better Dream Cook Roti Maker


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Better Dream Cook Roti Maker  3,395.00

Home Servicing Warranty.


  • Colour : Metallic Silver & Black
  • High Power 600 Watts 
  • Energy Saving
  • Bakelite Handle
  • Non-sticky Coating
  • Retain Nutrition
  • Automatic ON/OFF heat light
  • SS- cover copper lead
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Multi-Purpose Roti Maker is a versatile appliance that is ideal for making a variety of rotis such as Roti Chapati, Puri, Kulchan, Naan, and Parothas. It can also be used to make Mexican tortillas and other flatbreads. The appliance has evenly heated top and bottom plates that are designed to press the dough and cook it evenly. the Multi-Purpose Roti Maker includes a bakelite handle that provides a comfortable grip while operating the appliance. The bakelite material is known for its heat-resistant properties, which makes it safe to handle even when the appliance is hot. It is ergonomically designed with a durable press handle for easy operation and has a chrome finish body that is easy to clean. The appliance also features an auto ON/OFF heat light and a better quality non-stick food grade surface on its 8.6-inch ceramic induction plate with an element. The element is housed in a top pipe and has a capacity of 600 watts, with an SS cover, copper lead, and a 3-pin molded double indicator. The appliance also has a heat temperature auto-cut feature that ensures the temperature stays between 250 to 280 degrees Celsius.

Additional information

Weight 2.395 kg
Dimensions 23 × 33 × 25.5 cm

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