BETTER Queen Electric Commercial Rice Cooker

 7,395.00 16,495.00

Queen commercial Rice Cooker
BETTER Queen Electric Commercial Rice Cooker  7,395.00 16,495.00

Home Servicing Warranty.


  • Power:1300W
  • Outer Shell: 0.5mm thickness
  • Middle Layer:0.5mm thickness
  • Power Cord: Copper cord VDE PLUG
  • Quantity:1 piece

Streamline your high-volume rice cooking with the Queen Electric Commercial Rice Cooker. With capacious 3.6L to 10L options, these rice cookers are ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

The intuitive controls and automated cooking allow you to simply add rice and water, select a function, and walk away. In just 30 minutes, perfectly fluffy rice is ready to serve.

Built to withstand rigorous commercial use, the durable stainless steel body distributes heat evenly batch after batch. The nonstick cooking pot ensures easy serving and cleanup.

Say goodbye to labor intensive stovetop monitoring. The Queen Commercial Rice Cooker delivers fast, consistent results at the push of a button.

Trust these reliable appliances to churn out flawless rice dishes every time. Their specialized high-capacity design provides a set-it-and-forget-it way to keep your business cooking.

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3.6L, 5.6L, 8.0L, 10.0L


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