BETTER Mayan Vacuum Pot


Better Mayan pot
BETTER Mayan Vacuum Pot  2,295.00

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Experience the latest in temperature control technology with the BETTER MAYAN VACUUM POT. This innovative 1500 ml double wall insulated stainless steel pot keeps hot drinks piping hot for up to 8 hours and cold drinks refreshingly chilled.

The stylish and ergonomic design, featuring a sleek stainless steel exterior and rubber grip base, looks great on any countertop or dining table while preventing slips and spills. The superior insulation allows you to brew your morning coffee or tea and enjoy it hours later at the perfect sipping temperature.

The compact size takes up minimal space while holding up to 1.5 liters of your favorite beverage. Use it at home, the office, or take it on the go. The BETTER MAYAN VACUUM POT is perfect for both hot and cold beverages, from coffee and tea to juice, wine, and more.

The innovative vacuum insulation is completely non-toxic, using the latest technology to create a powerful airless vacuum between two layers of stainless steel that locks in temperatures exceptionally well. Experience the convenience of an insulated carafe without the need for a hot plate or energy consumption.

Bring modern innovation to your daily beverage routine with the revolutionary BETTER MAYAN VACUUM POT. Keep your drinks hotter longer and enjoy flavorful cold drinks without diluting ice. This is temperature control perfected in a sleek, ergonomic package designed to elevate any dining experience.


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