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list of basic home appliances

List of Basic Kitchen Appliances That Every Home Needs

The kitchen is the heart of a Nepali home where delicious meals are prepared daily. Equipping your kitchen with useful appliances makes cooking simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

This article explores the basic kitchen gadgets that every household in Nepal should have. From refrigerating to grinding spices, these appliances streamline cooking processes.

Continue reading for a list of basic kitchen appliances needed for an efficient and functional Nepali kitchen.


On this list of basic kitchen appliances, refrigerators are the most crucial kitchen appliance in Nepali homes. It keeps ingredients fresh and stores leftover foods.

Choose an energy-efficient fridge with ample storage space to meet your family’s needs.

Shelves, drawers and door bins should fit vegetables, fruits, milk, water, spices, and cooked foods. An inverter compressor regulates temperatures evenly while saving electricity.

So, buying a large refrigerator is very useful for any busy kitchen in Nepal

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker offers a convenient way to make perfect “bhaat” every time. Simply add rinsed rice and water, select a setting, and delicious rice is prepared automatically.

Rice cookers switch to warm mode to keep rice fluffy for hours. The best part is not having to monitor the pot. Add vegetables or meat to cook pulao or biryani in the cooker too.

Additionally, the inner pot is removable for easy serving and cleaning. Rice cookers are available in 1L to 10L capacities for families of all sizes.

Roti Maker 

Fresh homemade rotis and parathas are a staple in Nepali diets. The compact electric roti maker cooks rotis without the hassle. Add the dough balls to the Roti maker and close the lid.

Rotis are baked evenly on both sides simultaneously. Some roti maker models include plates for making puris too. Automatic operations and adjustable temperature settings make it perfect for busy households.

Momo Maker

Momos are a beloved Nepali snack that families enjoy making together. The momo maker appliance takes the effort out of shaping each piece. Simply prep the filling and dough, place in momo trays, and steam.

Moreover, the momo maker has sections for placing raw momos that get evenly steamed. It also helps make momos faster without compromising taste and texture.
Look for stainless steel momo makers with multiple trays and trays. 

Pressure Cooker 

Pressure cookers are must-haves in Nepali kitchens. They quickly cook beans, lentils, rice, meat and more with steam under pressure. Food becomes tender and delicious in minutes.

Choosing an electric pressure cooker allows setting a timer so meals are ready when you are. They greatly reduce cooking time for daal, bhaat, chicken, and biryani.

Pressure cooking makes cooking faster for busy households without compromising on taste.

Mixer Grinder

A versatile mixer grinder easily handles grinding spices, making achar, puree, batter and more. Pick a durable stainless steel model with 3+ jars for wet and dry grinding needs.

Powerful motors quickly grind dals, onions, garlic, spices, etc. Additional attachments like fruit juicer and shredder blades also add great functionality.

Mixer grinders are very important appliances to easily make masalas, chutneys and other popular Nepali foods.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is ideal for Nepali homes to quickly boil water for tea, coffee, noodles, oats and more. Furthermore, it eliminates waiting for the stove kettle and brings water to a rapid boil with just a switch.

A heating element at the base rapidly heats the water. Additionally, some electric kettles also have keep-warm features to maintain set temperatures.

Choose a stainless steel electric kettle with automatic shut-off for convenience and safety.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven cooks and reheats food incredibly fast using electromagnetic waves. It is perfect for quickly making tea, popcorn, baked potatoes, or re-heating leftovers.

Furthermore, microwaves save time and energy in busy Nepali kitchens. Look for a model with power levels, pre-programmed menus, and the capacity to suit your household.

Having a microwave makes daily cooking and meal prep simpler.


Equipping your Nepali kitchen with useful appliances like refrigerators, rice cookers, roti makers, and more makes home cooking efficient, fast and fun.

Invest in these essential modern appliances to create a functional cooking space.

In brief, with the right gadgets, you can whip up delicious Nepali meals for your family with ease. The convenience of appliances allows you to save time while preparing hearty Nepali Khana.

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