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Best Wedding Gift Ideas for a Newly Married Couple

Weddings are an exciting time as people celebrate the coming together of two people beginning their lives as one. Amidst all the celebrations and chaos of a wedding, it is often confusing to pick out the perfect gift for the newly wedded couple. You want to give something that will last long but will also come in handy in their day to day lives. Looking for the perfect gift for a wedding? Here are some home appliances that make the best gifts.

Electric Jug 

An electric jug makes a great gift especially for winter as it is convenient and useful. You can keep an electric jug in the bedroom for instant hot water without having to walk all the way to the kitchen. It makes the perfect gift for those who always want to drink hot water, tea or coffee. It takes up very little space and provides instant hot water. 


With the addition of new members in the family, they will need more cups and plates. That is why crockery can make a great gift. Even after the main event of the wedding, there will still be some functions left and these will come extra handy during those post-wedding events and family gatherings. Weddings are all about food and celebrating, so make sure that the new couple has enough dishes to go around. 


Similar to crockery, they will need some new glassware as well. If you’re shopping for crockery, why not keep the option of glassware as well? Like our mothers say, you cannot have too much glassware. It seems to be true especially if you have a lot of guests visiting you. Glassware can make a great wedding gift for those who want to have a housewarming after the wedding as well. 

PTC Wall Heater 

The reason this makes a great wedding gift is because it is safe saving and can be used all throughout the year. The PTC wall heater makes for a sensible wedding gift because it can be mounted on a wall without taking space and provide the benefits of an air conditioner on a lower budget and less electricity. It heats up the room and provides warmth but it can also be used in the summer for cool air. 

Popcorn Maker 

This is one gift that the couple will love. It is compact, easy and makes for a quick snack. The couple can enjoy popcorn and a movie date at home thanks to the popcorn maker. This one is especially useful for those who want to snack healthy and do not like to go out a lot. The popcorn maker is a fun and thoughtful gift. 

Multi Maker 

A multi maker is great for saving time while cooking. So, if the couple is busy in their daily lives, give them the gift of time by gifting a multi maker. The multi maker can be used to cook lots of meals, especially breakfast such as sandwiches, rotis, parathas, omelettes, and it can even be used to stir-fry veggies and press flour dough to prepare round rotis. The multi maker can be used to press flour dough or sandwiches and then cook them up at the same time. 

Electric Skewer 

An electric skewer is great for barbeque weekends with friends and family. So it makes a perfect gift for couples who like to have guests and entertain them. This makes a great gift for couples who like to have barbecues. What’s even better is that it is smokeless and time-saving because you don’t need to start a fire to get it running. The new couple will appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

Oven Toaster Grill 

This multi-purpose oven, toaster and grill is the best wedding gift idea for couples who like to cook. That’s because there are unlimited options that they can prepare in this device. From baking bakeries to grill steaks, fish, sausages, roasting potatoes to making casserole. The options are endless! 

Pressure Cooker 

Do not underestimate the simple but crucial pressure cooker as a wedding gift. It is a crucial part of any Nepali kitchen and one can never have too many pressure cookers! Go for ones in different sizes and those which are induction cooker friendly. Pressure cookers are versatile for cooking anything and everything and will definitely come in handy to the newly married couple. 

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