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Best Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

As winter comes to an end and spring starts to set in, this is the prime time for the common cold and flu to set in. The flu season starts with the dry air, dusty environment and the weather which is somewhere between cold or warm. The reason most people get sick during this season is due to the mornings and evenings being too cold whereas the afternoons are getting warmer. The changing temperatures can impact your immune system, resulting in cold or flu-like symptoms. If you are looking for cold and flu remedies for this flu season, here are some that you can try at home. 

Drinking Hot Water 

Simply drinking hot water on a regular basis when you are unwell can do wonders. It soothes your body and provides the hydration you need during sick days. When you are hydrated, your body will be able to flush out the germs out of your system. However, if your kitchen is too far and you cannot get up every time from your bedroom to go to the kitchen, get an electric jug or an air pot for your room. These convenient home appliances are great when it comes to boiling quick hot water anywhere and anytime. 

Intake Vitamin C 

Vitaminc C is essential when it comes to colds or the flu. Vitamin C sources such as citrus fruits provide great health benefits. Vitaminc C helps to boost antioxidant levels and immunity as well as improving iron absorption. You can either take Vitamin capsules or eat fruits which contain vitamin C. However, fresh fruits are the best as they have the freshest source of Vitamin C. You can drink soothing drinks such as warm water with honey, lemon and ginger or drink a glass of lemon water. Here are some healthy juice recipes that you can try making at home. 

Take Good Rest 

Getting enough rest is essential whenever you are sick. Make sure to get some sleep as the immune system functions at its best capacity when humans are sleeping. Your body goes into healing mode and it will help in a speedy recovery. Don’t try to push yourself and get to work despite a cold, it will only make things worse. Turn on soothing music to help you sleep or take some melatonin if needed. 

Use a Steamer To Open Up Clogged Nostrils 

Clogged nostrils are one of the worst parts about getting the flu. It gets difficult to breathe and you end up breathing from the mouth which makes breathing feel dry. Use a face steamer and vaporizer and sit in front of the steam inhaling for 5 to 10 minutes to soothe your blocked nostrils and to make breathing easier. Along with this, there are other benefits of using a steamer such as improving respiratory health, it also helps to get rid of sinus symptoms. You can also use your face steamer and use it as a humidifier to add moisture to the room.

Get Aromatherapy 

Rub a little bit of Vicks or other salve that includes camphor or menthol to soothe your breathing. But do not rub the salve into your nostrils as it can cause a lot of burning! You can also rub some of it on your chest if you are suffering from a cough as well. 

Drink Hot Soup 

It is important to drink as much warm liquids as you can. Drinking chicken soup or vegetable soup is best as hot liquids can help to reduce music buildups and keep you hydrated. A healthy bowl of soup will help you to build anti-inflammatory properties and reduce a cold’s side effects. You can easily cook a healthy soup recipe using a pressure cooker

Soak in the Sun 

Get some Vitamin D by basking in the sun. Sunlight is very beneficial when you are sick as it provides immune boosting properties. It also warms your body up which soothes your sick body. You can also let the sun into your rooms as sunlight kills bacteria which causes allergy symptoms. Getting some sunlight also boosts your mood and as they say, having a positive mental state plays a key role in healing faster.  

Take a Hot Shower 

Take a steamy hot shower to let your nostrils decongest. A hot shower will warm up your body and soothe you. The steam will also moisten the skin and your nostrils. You can get instant hot water at home by installing a gas geyser or an electric geyser. With this, you never have to worry about having hot water to bathe during any season of the year. 

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